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Buy Women's Casual Sneakers and Athleisure Shoes in Australia

Whether you are aiming for a street style, sporty-chic, cool & comfy, or something more casual to fit your look, our sneakers will do the job. No matter what look you’re after, we’ve got you covered with our athleisure footwear, the trend that has successfully made its way into the fashion world of today.

When shopping at Sandler, you don’t have to choose comfort over style. Our specialty is combining the two by using soft leathers of the highest quality and incorporating flexible sole to provide maximum grip, while drawing inspiration from the latest trends for the creation of our designs.

As sport and fashion collide, Sandler keeps up with the trends ...

We pushed the limits on merging comfort vs. style in our latest collection of athleisure footwear, taking it up a notch by using the best materials and the most superb craftsmanship. There’s a perfect pair of sneakers for everyone in our range, and at Sandler, we’re sure that once you browse through our designs, you’ll find just the ones for you.

Whether you have an active lifestyle and are constantly on the go, or you simply prefer the sporty and casual style, our sneakers will not let you down. Get trendy this season with the athleisure footwear line made up from our Festival, Fleet, and Formula.

Festival – if you want to add a luxurious zest to your sporty style, Festival is your perfect choice. These eye-catching leather sneakers can be found in metallic hues of gold and silver and can serve as the perfect demonstration of what athleisure footwear really is. Sleek and shiny, yet sporty, this pair assures you to have a day-to-night look without having to change your shoes due to the metallic leather that can elevate any outfit, from jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts.

Fleet – combine comfort with the great design of our Fleet, crafted with a suede upper and a white detailing on the side. Whether in black, red, taupe, or navy, Fleet can be combined with both sporty and casual outfits, perfect for street-style daywear.

Formula – these beauties have the same design as Fleet, the difference being the smooth leather used for the upper. Available in two colours, black and white, Formula will make you look and feel good while allowing you to be both practical and functional throughout the day. If you have trouble keeping up with the latest trends, why not choose something that never goes out of style? The classical white sneaker is every woman’s must-have for when combined with the most basic white t-shirt and a regular pair of jeans, this timeless piece of footwear shapes the whole look, giving it fashionable and sexy vibes throughout.

Get creative and form a unique style by combining our Festival with a cotton pencil skirt, or a colourful and vibrant maxi dress with the classic white Formula – the combinations are endless.

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