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Put your best foot forward. Just as chic with tailored pants or your office ensemble, Sandler heels and pumps raise both your style and your confidence to the next level.
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Buy Corporate Footwear & Comfortable Work Shoes Online in Australia

Are you a professional woman struggling to find that pair of shoes to get you through an eight-hour workday, including the commute to and from? Our corporate shoe collection will never leave you wishing you had put on sneakers instead because Sandler is the go-to corporate footwear destination for business women who like to look their strongest at work.

If you’re working in an office, or seem to be always on the go, our beautifully designed heels and pumps can be the shoes you can rely on. The vast selection of comfortable, yet stylish corporate footwear on offer will not only stand the test of time, but also keep you stress-free and confident throughout the day.

Corporate footwear needs to be an impeccable addition to your business attire, and what would be a better investment in a polished style than our top of the game models tailored to perfection from the finest leathers and suedes.

Take your next step into the office in our supportive, comfy, stylish, and above all, quality footwear that you can always rely on for a less stressful day.

You can never go wrong with a classic black pump, and our Alibi Black Glove with an 8 cm block heel is a fine example. Another would be Camilla Black Glove with a slightly shorter 6 cm heel, able to complement any suit and skirt ensemble with ease. If you are looking for something bolder, the polished Mikado Black Patent with a 7cm sleek stiletto heel can provide just the edge. Nude colours are also an excellent choice for those with a knack for elegance, and the Mikado Nude Pearl Patent model has just the right balance between sharpness and sophistication.

Want to enjoy the support of a lower heel but still make an impression? Then the Newport Black Snake/Kid are the right pair for you, with a 5.5 cm low heel and a multi material Black that you can easily wear outside the office. If you’re looking for something even flatter, we’ve got you covered with our Henry Black Patent model. Its simple style and sleek, pointed toe would look amazing with a pair of tailored pants. Available also in Nude, for a more subtle, feminine look.

For every order over $99 you get free shipping within Australia, so order your favourite pair today.

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