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Whether it’s silk, smooth leather or sparkling fabrics, Sandler provides the perfect finishing touch for your evening ensemble.

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Buy Women's Evening Shoes Online at Sandler Australia

Dressing for an occasion is never complete without the perfect pair of evening shoes, and we at Sandler like to stay on top of our game with our offer of ladies’ evening footwear. Whether you are on a quest for the perfect pair of party shoes, or incline towards more elegant models, we believe that you can find some top-notch choices throughout our online store.

Choosing the right pair of shoes for an evening out or a special occasion can be quite the task, but we believe that browsing through our selection can give you a good idea of the quality products we offer. Our line aims at sophistication, while being dedicated to complementing your style. Choosing something from our current collection can definitely prove an asset in creating a new look for you that is crisp and polished.

We have a selection of elegant evening shoes, designed for women with impeccable taste. Every other woman has a soft spot for good high heels, and at Sandler we are constantly working towards delivering some fabulous runway-inspired creations.

The classic black stiletto ...

A night out is not a time to be sensible about choosing your heel - this is the time to rock the stiletto. And Amalfi Black Patent is easily the little black dress of footwear, it has the elegance and sass worthy of a femme fatale. Apart from the black stiletto - every woman’s shoe rack gem, we offer a plethora of luxurious choices for those with an eye for style and an air of confidence.

Go-to elegance ...

The timeless closed-toe mid heels can be the perfect heel you come back to whenever there’s an outfit crisis. Our Babylon Black Patent has simple, classic lines, yet they can pull a dress off elegantly. They have a classic feel to them that will never go out of style.

Shimmery glamour ...

Our line has an array of metallic shades that can work wonders as a choice of party heels, if you’re seeking a more flamboyant look. Made with materials such as silk and leather, they are as luxurious as they look. The Athens Rose Gold Metallic, with its sleek T-bar, is a good choice to pair with a cocktail dress and look absolutely ravishing. High heel sandals are timeless if your aim is to look fresh and modern.

Strappy heels for the fashion-savvy ...

Sleek straps and stiletto heels are a girl’s best friend when it comes to choosing a statement shoe, and to top that off, the elaborate design draws the eye and lengthens your legs.

Crossover two-bar heels like Jet Black Patent or the intricate Cobra Black Glove can go a long way in creating the perfect ensemble, and show our dedication to detailing. They look and feel ultramodern.

Going nude ...

There’s hardly anything like a nude shade when it comes to both elegance and versatility. With a choice from the nude and beige palette of our online rack, you’ll be getting yourself a shoe that can pull off any combination and give you an immaculate look. You can’t go wrong with a Babylon Nude Pearl Patent and its timeless appeal.

Sandler is a brand that takes pride in staying attuned to both the latest fashion trends and the customers’ needs to bring you the best of the best in the business. We are here to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth in class, quality and flair.

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