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If you want to add that extra comfort while on your feet all day, we’ve got you covered with our outstanding Easy Steps foot care line. We offer our customers gel cushions, gel heels, gel strips, and gel spots that will provide serious support for your feet no matter the discomfort. Whether the problem is ill-fitting shoes, shoes that cause blisters, or any kind of uncomfortable footwear that you can’t wait to take off once you’re home – we have the solutions.

Keeping your feet happy and healthy should be a priority since the level of their comfort can easily make or break your day. So if you want to show your feet some love, don’t hesitate to take a look at the products we offer.

The following products are ...

Easy Steps Gel Cushion

If you feel pain in the ball of your foot/feet, a condition medically known as "metatarsalgia", this is the product you need. If left untreated and ignored, metatarsalgia can cause plenty of long-term health consequences. Moreover, the area between the arch and the toes is the one most under pressure when we walk or stand, especially if in high heels, which is why it needs special care and attention. By using the Easy Steps gel cushion, you’ll give that extra support and cushioning to the forefront of your feet for a care and pain-free day. By purchasing this product, you’ll receive two pairs of invisible gel cushions which are suitable for all types of footwear.

Easy Steps Gel Heel

Do you have ill-fitting shoes that are a bit too large for you to wear comfortably? Or maybe your favourite pair constantly causes you blisters due to slipping and friction? Don’t despair, for Easy Steps has the right solution for you. The gel heel, suitable only for enclosed footwear, will provide you with perfect support as you walk or stand while cushioning every step you take. Even if your shoes fit perfectly but you’re still experiencing heel pain, the gel heel can be a tremendous help. It will cradle your tired feet and help with lower back pain by reducing tension from the back muscles. If you’re constantly wearing high heels, this product will reduce friction and joint ache thus preventing the appearance of blisters.

Easy Steps Gel Strip

The Easy Steps gel strips are a multi-purpose product that provide cushioning for any type of footwear. They can be used to prevent the rubbing of thin strips, to provide adjustment if the size of the shoes is too big, and to prevent blisters caused by rubbing in the heel. Moreover, if a specific part of the shoe causes you pain due to being too tight or too firm, place the gel strips on the specific area so you can enjoy a pain-free day.

Easy Steps Gel Spot

The Easy Steps gel spots can be used in a similar manner to the gel strips, with the main difference being their form. As the name implies, the gel spots look like slightly elongated circles or spots, used as a cushioning for all types of footwear. Any uncomfortable or firm areas can be made comfortable again by applying the gel spots which provide that perfect cushioning and protection for each step you take.

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