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Sandler offers a range of on-the-trend handbags. Backpack, clutches, totes and hobos are our essential carry-ons.
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Buy Women’s Handbags Online in Australia

Shoes and handbags go hand in hand together when it comes to fashion accessories and here at Sandler, we offer a superb selection of both. And if you’re a lady passionate about finding the perfect handbag to complement your stylish outfits, feel free to browse through our vast online assortment of women’s backpacks, clutches, totes, and hobos in various colours and sizes.

The perfect handbag for any occasion ...

You can lean on our trendy collection to stylishly carry your purse essentials and more. If you want the handbag for everyday use, take a look at our Bobbi designs where you can fit everything you need - from makeup basics to your laptop. Crafted with a tassel detailing, these handbags come in 11 different colours, a couple of compartments, and enough space for storing all the items you can think of.

But finding that statement purse for a special night out is another matter altogether, and we recommend the sleek and stylish Paige models that come in black, gold, nude, and silver. What if you want a handbag that can be worn on a busy day at work and then out to a fancy dinner? We’ve got you covered with Billi models that comes in black, blue soft gold metallic, tailored with both function and style in mind.

If you want your hands free, you’ll definitely want Benji and Harlow styles, Harlow with its long strap suitable for carrying them over the shoulder and Benji in a convenient back pack style. The Bobbi and Molli styles are perfect for creating the contemporary look you’ve been craving for.

The perfect balance of practical and modern ...

Backpacks can be a trendy way to give an urban vibe to any outfit, especially our Blazer and Benji models, all of which come in gorgeous shades of black, tan, and brown. Either for traveling or everyday use, these stylish yet practical backpacks will always add some additional flair to your well thought-out ensembles, but also give your hands freedom when you’re busy.

From shoulder bag to clutch in minutes ...

The ultimate versatile pieces are the ones that can go from casual to posh with a simple swish, and by just unbuckling the strap of our Harlow and Paige styles, you can choose to wear them either on the shoulder or in your hands.The former ones are more suitable for day wear, while the latter ones will have you looking glamorous at any event, be it date night or cocktails .

Enjoying renown for our high-quality shoes and handbags for years ...

... Which is why so many women return for more, time and again. We use the finest leathers and materials to ensure our handbags are the best when it comes to quality or class. Purchasing a Sandler handbag will turn out to be a smart financial decision in the long run, and a smart investment in your style.

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