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Offering maximum height with minimal fuss, Wedges are the perfect choice this season. A low wedge is perfect for the office, while the platform wedge is great for long summer days.

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Buy Women's Wedges Online at Sandler Australia

Sandler, as always, is bringing you the latest styles in ladies footwear in the category of wedges.

Our gorgeous palette of blacks and neutrals is devised to give busy women a style they can rely on. Whether worn on a casual brunch or while on the go, the wedge is the ultimate choice if you want to keep your heels high and your discomfort low.

Our online store has an exclusive collection to offer, featuring models that would suit anyone’s tastes - from platform wedges to closed-toe wedges. At Sandler, we strive to cater to the needs of our customers, and provide both versatility and quality in our collections.

Looking chic is now no hassle at all ...

The open-toe high heel wedges are a must-have for casual days on the go, but our models of low closed-toe wedges will give you the perfect opportunity to look both sophisticated and professional in a corporate environment. Henry Black Glove or Henry Black Suede, with their pointed toe designs, are two such models, unparalleled when it comes to making you look sharp at the workplace. If you’re shopping with both styling and convenience in mind, a pair of these is the perfect choice because if offers the best from both worlds.

Summer allure with our wedge sandals

We all know the unwritten rule - black wedge sandals are an absolute must-have during the summer. They can help you pull off a lot of different styles and look like they were meant for them, but why not liven up your wardrobe by introducing metallic to your footwear?

You can enjoy late summer in style with the metallic hues of our Quota Soft Gold Metallic or the T-bar minimalism of the Quincy Nude Glove. They are the ideal pair to wear on a night out over the weekend. Sophisticated and versatile, these models are not only another notch in your shoe collection, but they are a long-term investment in style as well.

The broad selection we have to offer is a result of how passionate we are about our brand and the unique value it offers to the market. Creating memorable product designs of the highest calibre has always been our priority, as well as our dedication to quality.

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