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New Arrivals

Step into the season with the latest fashion forward Sandler range.

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Shop New Arrivals Women’s Shoes at Sandler, Australia

Looking for the latest styles and forward-thinking designs that will breathe new life into your shoe collection?

Look no further, for at Sandler we offer on trend designs that exude high-level comfort and maximum support for stylish women looking for that extra something. From sandals, heels, loafers and athleisure, our exquisite new arrivals selection is all about making you look and feel phenomenal. 

When talking about our designs, there’s no place for the term “passé” for the Sandler shoes are on-trend and waiting to be worn by a modern woman like yourself. Shopping at Sandler is making a fashion purchase that you won’t regret since we offer the whole package: stylish designs, high-end quality for a reasonable price, and luxurious comfort.

Look Stunning and Feel Comfy Every Day

Make the ultimate fashion statement with our head-turning collection no matter what the season.

Getting ready for the summer? We have you covered with our new arrival sandals for the hot summer days. What about for the autumn/winter season?  We have you covered with our impeccably designed loafers and the athletic-inspired, yet classy and polished sneakers that can complete every athleisure outfit.

Is comfort an important factor when it comes to choosing that perfect pair of shoes? If the answer is yes, we’re proud to say that we put emphasis on comfort as well. Cruise the streets while feeling at ease in footwear that is the perfect blend of both style and comfort. You can wear our shoes for hours on end without feeling the need to take them off at any point, and that’s how cosy and pleasant the Sandler shoes actually are.

Many women have increased their self-confidence levels by wearing the Sandler shoes, so why not try them for yourself. Browse our splendid designs and choose that perfect pair that will become an essential accessory for any modern woman’s wardrobe. Refresh your shoe cabinet and order your new favourite pair today.

For every order over $99 you get free shipping within Australia, so don’t wait and browse through our new arrivals collection to find the shoes you’ll love.

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